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I donít mean to sound melodramatic, but Iím convinced the Meat Council of Ireland have given me AIDS. I canít prove it, but I can tell. Theyíre the guys. Everyday around 4pm, well to be honest, Deal or No Deal, Iíve been crashing out, maybe a sugar crash, but whatever. Anyway, Monday afternoon, I go to a furniture store and I nearly faint, and I havenít levelled out since. My mom rang me this morning and I ran over to my room to get it, 2 hours later, Iím still exhausted. I have no idea whatís going on with my body. Well, I do, someone gave me AIDS, probably the Meat Council of Ireland. Or KFC. Anyways, thatís why the comics late. Iíve been extremely lethargic. Lethargic with AIDS. Possibly.

So yeah, voting time!! Hope you like it. You guys ok with the lolcats??? Should I try harder and not do them anymore?? So it turns out there are four Seasons of Monk in my House and no one told me. What the hell?? Monk is awesome and now I have four seasons to watch!! Well, I have seasons 2 to 4, as the first season went to Brussells. Anyway, I love Monk. Itís a great show. Fun for all the family.

Am I a hipster?? I have no idea. In all honesty, I donít care about it all THAT much. Except for organisational purposes, labels arenít for me. Which I guess is a pretty hipster thing to say. Itís a fucking spiderís web. Anyway, thereís this band you have to hear called The Guest Bedroom. Youíll love them. Itís ok if youíve never heard of them before. Theyíre new.

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